The Sorry S.O.B.'s behind Millstone

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David Grant

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lb
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Degree: BA in Theatre Arts from Kent State University (KSU), 2001

"Toaster" Michael, producer, writer - Millstone
"El Squeeze" director, screenwriter - Millstone
"El Squeeze II" director, screenwriter - Millstone
"The Big Date" Nate, writer, actor - Millstone
"Seven Deadly Sins" Sinner, writer, actor - Millstone

"The Lady From Maxim's" Duke De Valmont - KSU
"Hamlet" Ghost - KSU
"Witness for the Prosecution" Bailiff, Warden - KSU
"Life is a Dream" Chorus - KSU
"MacBeth" Angus - Cuyahoga Community College
"Toons" Joker, lighting designer, sound designer, set designer, writer, director - KSU blackbox
"Beef" director, writer - KSU blackbox
"No. 2" Cowboy - KSU blackbox
"Hold for 3" actor - KSU blackbox
"The Philadelphia" actor - KSU blackbox
"Side Show" spot operator - KSU
"Kent Dance Ensemble" fly operator - KSU
"Dance '98" run crew - KSU
"Letters to Destiny" run crew - KSU
"Knee Deep in Fish" run crew - KSU
"Ashes to Ashes" lightboard operator - KSU blackbox

Bio: Born in Sidney, Ohio (legend has it Dave forgets his place of birth frequently and has to ask his mother for the location), David immediately urinated on the doctor at birth. This would establish the pattern for his life ever since. Dave's family moved around quite a bit when he was young, and they ended up living in several places in Ohio, Maryland, and Florida.

Dave's parents, Deborah Ball and Greg Grant, divorced when Dave was twelve. He would go to live with his mother in Columbus, Ohio along with his brother, Andy (fifteen months his junior). He would still regularly visit his father and older sister, Elizabeth (three years older) in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Deborah is currently a teacher in Zanesville, Ohio. Greg is a salesman and preacher in Jacksonville. Elizabeth is a nurse, and Andy is a comic book illustrator (both in Jacksonville).

Dave went to the sixth grade with Christian Hodges, and through him he met Nate Hodges (Christian's older brother). Together with Nate and Dave's college roommate, Mike Maletic, the film "Toaster" was undertaken. Written in Marya Bednerick's playwriting class at Kent State, it was originally intended for the stage and adapted for the screen due to loss of venue. It remains the greatest accomplishment of Millstone Movies.

Dave is currently a store manager at GameStop/EBX in San Diego, California, and has finished numerous screenplays, as well as his first novel!  He is also currently working with his current partner in crime, Brian Canini, for Drunken Cat Comics.

Michael Maletic

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lb.
Hair: light brown
Eyes: green
Degree: BA in Theater Arts from Kent State University (KSU), 2003

"Degrees Of Influence (Episodes 1&3)" assistant director - KSU
"Toaster" director, producer, editor - Millstone
"All Blown Out" director - Millstone
"El Squeeze" actor, writer, screenwriter - Millstone
"El Squeeze II" actor - Millstone
"Imperfections" Jim, actor - Red Duck Pictures 

"Pitching To The Star" director - KSU
"Toons" director

Bio: Being the nephew of Frederico Fellini has been, for me, a double-edged sword. On one hand, there's the joy of listening to Papa Fredo (as I lovingly call him) regale our whole family with tales of opulence and decadence of Italy. On the other hand, the shadow of such a master of the international cinema looms large over all that I strive to do as a filmmaker. While "Toaster" is my first film, it suffers in comparison to my uncle's pieces de resistance. I only hope my dedication to growing as a filmmaker drives me to reflect the world around us as well as my own personal vision. Papa Fredo would be proud!

Nate Hodges

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 220
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Degree: BA's in English Writing and English Literature with a minor in Psychology from Otterbein College.
"Toaster" producer, editor, Toaster - Millstone
"El Squeeze" - screenwriter, producer - Millstone
"El Squeeze II" - producer - Millstone
"The Big Date" - director - Millstone

Bio: He met David Grant through his youngest brother, Christian, and through the years, they forged a friendship. Their common interest in film led Dave to invite Nate to produce "Toaster", which led to the founding of Millstone Movies.

The rest of Nate's life has been so interesting thus far, that a print autobiography is currently in the works.