The Projects (Not the Ghetto)

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Millstone's Movies

Millstone Movies is over four years old now. It has been tumultuous, but we are baby-stepping along. Here are a few of our coming projects:

Sin: yeah, it's fun, but can it be harmful to your health?

"The Seven Deadly Sins in Sin City" will be available for viewing soon on the internet. The series of shorts was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. These might be the most fun we've had yet!

We are looking for original scores for the 7 shorts, as well.  Wanna submit a song?

"No, Indy. Bad dates."

This one is for all mankind - the date that symbolizes the never-ending battle between women and men. The Big Date has played on the big screen at the Arena Grand in Columbus, Ohio, and is now showing on the internet at Wolf In Wool's Myspace site!

"Toaster" is a full-length feature and the first project that Millstone Movies ever undertook. It was this film that cemented the production company in terms of the members and their commitment.

Michael Callahan (David Grant) doesn't know who he is or what he wants. His girlfriend, Diane (Kat Savering) thinks that she understands him and tries to keep their love alive despite the intrusions of the land-lady, Miss Perkins (Peggy Elliott), and the neighbor, Officer Stephen Stallone(Carl Jones). However, something intervenes . . . murder!

This film is 84 minutes long and also features the talent of Kariem Marbury, Eric Spradling, Melissa Wintringham, and Nate Hodges.

The VERY impressive soundtrack for this film was provided by Ohio bands The Vague ( and Set to Burn, and local musicians Barry P. Rice and Phil Bickel (

Alas, all the wonderful work of this impressive group of people has been lost to the ravages of time and a Video Projector, which ate our master copy, as well as a hard drive crash.  If you're one of the few who purchased copies, lucky you! Hold on to these tapes for future blackmail purposes!

A boy. A nympho. A toaster.

Toaster Movie Poster