Toaster Gallery 4

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Toaster Gallery 4

As usual, evil Toasters come between star-crossed lovers.  This page includes more photos from the OUT OF PRINT docudramantichorromedy (tm) Toaster!

Don't worry, he's playing a police officer!

Joe Millionaire actress Melissa Wintringham chewing up the scenery!

The confrontation with the oh-so-stern but oh-so-sexy Mrs. Perkins (Peggy Elliott).  She's actually a real sweetheart!

Officer Stallone (Cajones, Carl A. Jones) spots the Toaster.  Yes, that's a real gun.  Don't mess with us.

Lothario Michael (David Grant) going in for the kiss on the gorgeous Daphne (Joe Millionaire actress Melissa Wintringham).

This is Michael's (Dave Grant's) 'hot sex scene' with the lovely, talented, and game Diane (Kat Savering).